Welcome to THRIVE

Welcome to the THRIVE (Trajectories of Recovery after Intravenous Propofol vs. Inhaled VolatilE Anesthesia) trial.

This is a multi-site, randomized controlled trial, which compares patient outcomes and experiences under the two most commonly used forms of general anesthesia: propofol TIVA (total intravenous anesthesia) and inhaled volatile anesthesia. Both of these types of general anesthesia have been used safely worldwide for decades. However, we do not know which anesthetic type results in better patient recovery after surgery. 

The THRIVE team hopes to benefit patient outcomes, by determining whether one form of general anesthesia improves patients’ quality of recovery and functional status, while decreasing risk of delirium, intraoperative awareness with recall, kidney injury, respiratory failure, and mortality. We want to improve the patient experience with anesthesia by including patient views and input throughout the THRIVE trial.