Meet The Team

To ensure that understanding patient experience is a crucial part of planning and executing the THRIVE trail, we have team members from multiple universities, as well as  numerous patient partners 

Project Principal Investigators

Michael Avidan

Sachin Kheterpal

Site Principal Investigators

University of Michigan
Allison Janda MD


University of Michigan
Satish Kumar MD


Mara Bollini, RN, BSN, MHA

Chelsea Cloyd, MBA

Bethany Pennington

Shelley Vaughn, MPH

Arbi Ben Abdallah, PhD 

Meridith Bailey, MSN

Ana A. Baumann, PhD

Sarah Buday, PhD

Michael Burns, MD, PhD

Hugo Campos 

Jennifer Carron, CPXP, MSOM

Yunwei Chen, MD

Larry Chu, MD, MS BCH, MS EPI

David Clark

Douglas Colquhoun, MD

Ralph Dacey, MD

Nicole Eyrich, MPH

Stephen H. Gregory MD

Bruce Hall, MD, PhD, MBA

Melissa Hicks

Katie Holzer, PhD, LCSW

Rosalinda V. Ignacio, MS

Heidi Klosterman, MEd, LPC, NCC

Victoria Koke, CRNA

Meghan Lane-Fall, MD

George Mashour, MD

Mark Neuman, MD, MSc

Donna Penner

Mary Politi, PhD

Amy Price, DPhil (Oxon)

Linda Robison

Michelle Romanowski

Nirav Shah, MD

Anik Sinha

Cathie Spino, ScD

Alexis Stanczuk, MBA

Phil Vlisides, MD

Zhenke Wu, PhD